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Experiment #1 :: Grocery :: April 1, 2011
Daniel Christensen: camera operator & sound mixer
Maryann Christensen: camera operator
Charles Malone: cinematographer, assistant director
Aaron Plasek: director, editor, camera operator

Experiment #2 :: SALVAGE :: June 20, 2011
Dan Metzner: director of audiography
Daniel Christensen: cinematographer & sound mixer
Jonathon Wiley: location scout assistant
Aaron Plasek: director, editor, camera operator

Experiment #3 :: MOPEDS :: August 17, 2011
Angeline Gragasin: director, editor
Susan Yi: assistant director, director of photography
Matt Plasek: general doer
Greg Ver Steeg: moped driver (off-camera)
Aaron Plasek: moped driver (on-camera)